Queens Theatre Hornchurch

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One of our success stories involves Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, where we recently completed a full rebrand and website redesign project. The theatre had appointed a new artistic director, and we were tasked with developing a brand positioning that reflected the theatre’s new creative vision.

We worked closely with the theatre’s project steering group to devise full brand and digital strategies for the project. Our team developed a unique logo that could be animated and projected in the foyer, on stage in the auditorium, and top/tail any YouTube content. We also created a bespoke font for the Theatre to own and use here-on in, giving the brand a distinct and memorable look.

The website build was complex, but we were able to integrate an e-commerce CRM system that facilitates ticket sales, donations, and membership subscriptions. Our team focused on improving the user experience and navigation of the site, ensuring it was accessible and engaging to all segments of the theatre’s customer base, from customers and participants to industry partners and funding bodies.

The site is designed to welcome new visitors, reflecting the warm and friendly atmosphere that staff strive to create in the theatre itself. Speech bubbles were used to add personality to the brand and to express the idea of discourse and communication behind the organisation, as well as the dialogue on stage. The result was a website that captured the energy, dynamism, and passion of the theatre, helping it to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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