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Research & Design

ACCT UK was looking for a complete rebrand and website overhaul, and Ave Design approached us for our WordPress theme development services. The agency worked closely with the client to create a visually distinct identity for the charity, while still retaining its long-standing association with the Army Cadet Force (ACF). The team at Ave conducted desk research and spoke to stakeholders to develop a strategic positioning document, which helped form the brief for the creative work to begin.

Three concept routes were produced, which we tested in two focus group sessions with young people and parents who had no prior relationship with either the Army Cadets or ACCT UK. Based on their feedback, we refined and strengthened the chosen concept, resulting in a badge logo that represents many aspects of the brief and the organisation. The white star at the centre of the badge signifies achievement and represents ACCT UK achieving more for young people. The compass directional indicators around the star represent the guidance ACCT UK provides young people, and the spark in the centre represents a spark of inspiration for their futures. The star can be broken into four quarters, each representing one of ACCT UK’s four values.

The logo is paired with youthful and vibrant colours, which show up particularly well on the dark green chosen to relate back to the ACF and the idea of “Army” in general. The name is typeset in Filson Soft, chosen for its friendly nature and tested well with young people and parents.

Creating a WordPress website theme

After the branding work was finalised for ACCT UK, the next step was to bring the new brand identity to life on their website. As the developer of the website theme, I made sure to pay close attention to every detail of the design, ensuring that the website looked and functioned exactly as the design agency had envisioned it.

Not only did I ensure that the website theme was visually stunning, but I also made sure that it was flexible and user-friendly. This means that the client has full control over their site and can easily make updates and changes without requiring the intervention of a developer.

As a WordPress theme developer, I also recognise the importance of SEO for any website, and I work closely with SEO consultants to ensure that the themes I develop are SEO-friendly. In fact, my default approach to WordPress development includes focusing on achieving 90+ Lighthouse scores, which is a testament to my attention to detail and commitment to quality.

To achieve this, I use the latest WordPress block editor and ensure that the website theme is optimised for speed and performance, with clean and efficient code. This not only results in a better user experience for visitors to the website, but it also helps improve the website’s search engine rankings.

In summary, my attention to detail, commitment to quality, and expertise in WordPress theme development ensure that the website themes I create are visually stunning, user-friendly, and optimised for SEO. With full control over their website, clients can focus on growing their business and leave the technical details to me.

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