Prickly Bear

Create a Fast, SEO Optimised, and Mobile-First WordPress Microsite with Advanced Custom Fields

Prickly Bear is a learning app which makes learning fun by giving rewards like Robux as positive reinforcements. They approached me with a unique challenge: they needed a fast turn-around WordPress microsite that was SEO optimised, easy to edit and maintain, mobile-first, and used the latest technology available.

Using my expertise in WordPress development, I was able to create a fully customized WordPress website for Prickly Bear using the Block Editor and Advanced Custom Fields. The website had a clean and modern design with an emphasis on user experience and was optimized for search engine rankings.

One of the main challenges was to create a website that was both fast to load and mobile-first. I used various optimization techniques, including lazy loading of images and minification of CSS and JavaScript files, to ensure that the website loaded quickly on both desktop and mobile devices.

To ensure easy editing and maintenance of the website, I utilised Advanced Custom Fields and the WordPress Block Editor. This allowed the client to easily update and add content to the website without any coding knowledge. The website was also SEO optimised, with each page optimised for search engine rankings and metadata added to ensure that the website appeared in relevant search results.

The result was a stunning and functional WordPress microsite that exceeded the client’s expectations. The website was delivered in a matter of days, with no compromises made in terms of quality or functionality. The use of the Block Editor and Advanced Custom Fields allowed for a truly unique and custom website that was tailored to the client’s needs.

Overall, this project was a testament to my expertise as a WordPress developer, and my ability to create custom, fast, SEO optimized, and mobile-first WordPress websites using the latest technology available.

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